Past Appearances

Jan-11-2015 Future of Supply Chain
FedEx Board of Directors Meeting
Pittsburgh, PA
Jan-9-2015 Supply Chain Management Cambridge, MA
Jan-7-2015 Logistics Cambridge, MA
Jan-5-2015 Transportation Logistics Cambridge, MA
Dec-11-2014 to Dec-12-2014 Supply Chain Risk and Resilience Management Barcelona, Spain
Dec-8-2014 to Dec-10-2014 Supply Chain Management Education Zaragoza, Spain
Nov-12-2014 Logistics Clusters
Logistics Clusters and Regional Economic Development
Cartagena, Colombia
Nov-4-2014 Logistics Clusters and Mexican Trade
Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Tabasco Campus
Guadalajara,, Mexico
Oct-23-2014 Logistics Clusters Manchester, UK
Oct-16-2014 Logistics Clusters Panama City, Panama
Oct-3-2014 Role of Logistics Clusters in regional and national economies. Cambridge, MA
Sep-22-2014 Supply Chain Risk Management San Antonio, TX
Jun-25-2014 Logistics Clusters Dallas, TX
Jun-12-2014 Supply Chain Management
Keynote plenary session, Eye-for-Transport, Chief Supply Chain Conference, Chicago
Chicago, Illinois
May-30-2014 Supply Chain Management education Zaragoza, Spain
May-28-2014 Supply Chain Management education Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
May-26-2014 Supply Chain Management education

Economic Trends and their Impact on Supply Chain Management

May-15-2014 Logistics Clusters Chicago, Illinois
May-6-2014 Logistics Clusters

Logistics Clusters for Economic Development

Mexico City, Mexico
Apr-29-2014 Risk and Resilience in Supply Chains
CTL Senior Executives Round table, Starbucks Headquarters
Seattle, WA
Apr-9-2014 Qualifying Supply Chain Risks Cambridge, UK
Mar-20-2014 Future Trends in Supply Chain Management Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mar-17-2014 to Mar-20-2014 Supply Chain Systems Analysis Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mar-7-2014 Identifying and Measuring Logistics Clustering Minneapolis, MN
Mar-4-2014 Logistics Clusters as a Jobs Engine Long Beach, CA