Past Appearances

Oct-1-2010 Greening the Supply Chain
Harvard Business Review webinar
Dallas, TX
Sep-28-2010 Impact of Panama Canal Expansion San Diego, CA
Sep-26-2010 "Strategies for Building a Viable Supply Chain Program" panel
CSCMP Educators' Conference
San Diego, CA
Jul-19-2010 to Jul-20-2010 Lectures on Advanced Supply Chain Management Topics Bogota, Colombia
Jul-8-2010 Logistics Clusters Breda, The Netherlands
Jul-7-2010 National Policies on Logistics Excellence (Panel) Breda, The Netherlands
Jun-9-2010 Management of Uncertainty
Risk Sharing in Supply Contracts
Cambridge, MA
Jun-9-2010 The Resilient Enterprise Cambridge, MA
Apr-21-2010 Supply Chain Strategy Development Memphis, TN
Mar-31-2010 Distinguished speaker address: The Resilient Enterprise Singapore
Mar-29-2010 Preparing for an uncertain future
Presentation to the logistics officers of Singaporean military
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Mar-25-2010 A framework for corporate social responsibility Cambridge, MA
Mar-17-2010 Enterprise Risk Management
Panel discussion: Supply Chain Innovation
Mexico City, Mexico
Mar-9-2010 Supply Chain Resilience Haifa, Israel
Feb-10-2010 International Logistics Education Panama City, Panama
Jan-28-2010 Moderator of New Information-based Business Models in Transport Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
Jan-8-2010 Supply Chain Resilience Cambridge, MA
Jan-6-2010 Supply Chain Uncertainty
Supply Contracts
Cambridge, MA
Dec-14-2009 to Dec-18-2009 Lectures on Advanced Supply Chain Management Topics Zaragoza, Spain
Nov-3-2009 Introductory talk: The Role of Logistics
-Managing Supply Chain Risks
Peterson Air Force Base, CO
Oct-14-2009 Educating Global Supply Chain Leaders San Diego, CA
Sep-22-2009 Keynote introduction: Medical Supply Chain in Developing Countries Chicago, IL
Sep-18-2009 The Role of Supply Chain in Corporate Strategy
Colombian Chamber of Commerce Annual Meeting
Bogota, Colombia
Jul-20-2009 to Jul-23-2009 -Managing Supply Chain Uncertainty
-Risk Sharing with Supply Contracts
-Performance Metrics for Logistic Management
-The Resilient Enterprise
Shanghai, China
Jul-13-2009 to Jul-17-2009 Lectures on Advanced Supply Chain Management Topics Bogota, Colombia