Past Appearances

Jun-16-2009 MIT Perspective on Engineering Systems
International Engineering Systems Symposium
cosponsored by MIT ESD and CESUN
Cambridge, MA
Jun-9-2009 to Jun-11-2009 Uncertainty, Supply Contracts and The Resilient Enterprise Cambridge, MA
May-28-2009 Commencement Speaker
ZLOG and MdL graduation classes on 2009
Commencement Program
Zaragoza, Spain
May-13-2009 Healthcare Supply Chain Vulnerabilities
Midwest Healthcare Supply Chain Conference
University Place Conference Center, IUPUI
Indianapolis, IN
May-7-2009 Supply Chain Management Education: Preparing for the Future
CLI Latin America Educators Meeting
See group photo
Bogota, Colombia
May-6-2009 Managing Volatile Supply Chains in the Developing World
CLI Latin America Executive Meeting
Bogota, Colombia
May-5-2009 Keynote Address: Supply Chain Resiliency
POMS Supply Chain Management College
Orlando, FL
May-4-2009 Impact of Imperfect Demand Recording Compliance on Service Levels: The Case of Hospital Supplies Orlando, FL
May-4-2009 Scenario-based Planning for Supply Chain Design Orlando, FL
May-3-2009 Supply Chain Management in Volatile Times Orlando, FL
May-2-2009 Measuring Supply Chain Carbon Efficiency Orlando, FL
May-1-2009 Making Explicit the Supply Chain Strategy
with Roberto Perez-Franco and Mahender Singh
Production and Operations Management Society Annual Conference
Orlando, FL
Apr-21-2009 Supply Chain Resilience for Competitive Advantage
WTG Manufacturing Alumni webinar, UK
Cambridge, MA
Mar-31-2009 Supply Chain Risk Management
Supply Chain Management World, UK
Mar-24-2009 Network Routing
Better Place
Tel Aviv, Israel
Jan-31-2009 Regulating Complex Industries
World Economic Forum
Transportation and Logistics Governors meeting
Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
Jan-29-2009 Reducing Supply Chain Carbon Footprint and Supply Chain Risk and Resilience
World Economic Forum
Transportation and Logistics Governors meeting
Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
Jan-23-2009 Uncertainty Management
Exec Ed Course, MIT Sloan School of Management
Cambridge, MA
Jan-21-2009 Supply Chain Challenges Ahead
Supply Chain Management World
Jan-9-2009 The Resilient Enterprise Cambridge, MA
Jan-7-2009 Uncertainty Management and Risk Sharing Cambridge, MA
Dec-8-2008 Risk Analysis: The Science and the Art, Planery Address
Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting
Boston, MA
Nov-13-2008 Role of Logistics in Industrial Competitiveness
Conference on Internationalization and Competitiveness in a Global Environment
Spanish Confederation of Directors and Executives (CEDE)
Zaragoza, Spain
Nov-9-2008 to Nov-15-2008 Lectures on Advanced Logistics topics
Zaragoza Logistics Center
Zaragoza, Spain
Oct-23-2008 System Engineering for the Modern World
MIT SDM Conference
Cambridge, MA