Past Appearances

Jun-28-2012 Organizational Resilience Reykjavik, Iceland
Jun-22-2012 Risk Management in Procurement
BASF Direct Material Procurement Meeting
Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany
Jun-21-2012 Building Strong Presence in the BRIC Countries through Supply Chain Berlin, Germany
Jun-20-2012 Logistics Clusters: Economic Growth and Job Creation Berlin, Germany
Jun-15-2012 Logistics Clusters: Risk Sharing in Supply Contracts Cambridge, MA
Jun-13-2012 The Resilient Enterprise
Association of Contingency Planners
Marlborough, MA
Jun-12-2012 Management of Uncertainty Cambridge, MA
Jun-1-2012 Commencement address Commencement, Zaragoza Logistics Center Zaragoza, Spain
May-8-2012 Optimization-Based Procurement
InBev Executive Education Course, MIT-CTL
Cambridge, MA
May-8-2012 Auction Theory
InBev Executive Education Course, MIT-CTL
Cambridge, MA
Apr-23-2012 Anthony Craig, Edgar Blanco and Yossi Sheffi, Product Carbon label in a Two Stage Supply Chain Chicago, IL
Mar-30-2012 Private-Public Collaboration in the Development of Logistics Clusters
Ohio State University Doctoral Research Symposium
Columbus, OH
Mar-23-2012 Logistics Innovations
Keynote address, Singapore Workforce Development Agency Conference
Mar-6-2012 Enterprise Resilience: Turning large scale disruptions into competitive advantage: Lessons from Japan Cambridge, MA
Feb-9-2012 Risk Management in Supply Chains: New Software Solutions Haifa, Israel
Jan-31-2012 Supply Chains Risk Management Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jan-30-2012 What is “the next level” in Supply Chain management? Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Jan-25-2012 International Supply Chain Risks and Government Role Davos-Klosters, Switzerland
Dec-13-2011 to Dec-18-2011 Lectures on Advanced Supply Chain Management Topics Zaragoza, Spain
Dec-6-2011 Supply Chain Flexibility Dallas, TX
Nov-20-2011 Supply Chain Security- Business, Government, and International Programs: Current Status and Challenges Boston, MA
Nov-11-2011 Logistics Clusters and Economic Development
McKinsey Supply Chain Practice
Chicago, IL
Oct-24-2011 Future Challenges in Supply Chain Management São Paulo, Brazil
Oct-23-2011 Risk Management in Supply Chains São Paulo, Brazil
Oct-14-2011 Risk and Resilience in Supply Chains Columbia, NC