Aragón International Prize


The Aragón International Prize, one of the most prestigious awards granted annually by the Government of Aragón in Spain, was created to recognize ongoing efforts in culture, science, technology, or human values that provide significant benefit for the community or a noteworthy example for the Aragónese society. Professor Sheffi accepted the award on behalf of MIT for his instrumental role in the development of the Zaragoza Logistics Center (ZLC). In 2003, the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL), led by Professor Sheffi, partnered with the Government of Aragón to create the ZLC, a world-class research institute associated with the University of Zaragoza, specializing in research and graduate studies in logistics and supply chain management. Since then, faculty and students at both CTL and ZLC have worked together to create new processes, concepts, and technologies while developing the future leaders for global supply chains.

Letter from Manuel J. López Pérez - University of Zaragoza Rector

Yossi Aragon International Prize

Yossi Aragon International Prize 2