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PTCG was founded in Princeton, NJ, in 1987 and moved to Burlington, MA in 1990. It was a software company developing optimization-based decision support systems for the motor carrier industry. Its main products for routing and scheduling are still used by most leading trucking companies in the US. The company also developed many other systems for motor carriers, addressing yield management, fuel optimization, bid response, and more. The company later developed decision support systems for shipper logistics, including transportation bidding optimization software.

In 1993 Yossi bought the company from the original partners and brought Tom Sanderson (now president of Transplace Inc.) to be the President and CEO. In 1996 PTCG was sold to The Sabre Group.


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LogiCorp was a third party logistics company. It was founded as a subsidiary of Rockwell International by Yossi and Lorne Darnell in 1988 and was bought from Rockwell by Yossi and his partners in 1991.

LogiCorp was  the first non-asset-based 3PL (third party logistics management company) in the United States. It developed innovative carrier bidding strategies and offered an array of logistics consulting services. LogiCorp pioneered the integrated bid-award-payment-analysis process.

LogiCorp's leading clients included Mack Trucks, Ford New Holland, Volvo Trucks, United Technologies, Bush Industries, Tecumseh Industries, Simpson Industries, Lucas Industries, and many other companies, mostly in the automotive industry.

LogiCorp was sold to Ryder systems in April 1994. The company continued to grow under Ryder's management. Ryder's CEO, Tony Burnes, identified the acquisition of LogiCorp as Ryder's most successful acquisition.


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Syncra Systems comprised a team of industry experts in the fields of logistics, supply chain management, systems integration and software development. Its mission was to help trading partners collaborate effectively along the supply chain. Its first product, Syncra Ct, was an implementation of the VICS guidelines for collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR).

Yossi co-founded Syncra in late 1997. The first round of funding was provided by Internet Capital Group and TL Ventures in spring 1998. A second round of funding of $14 million led by Zero Stage Capital was completed in March 1999. Yossi served as chairman of the board until 2002.

In 2005 the company was acquired by Retek Inc., which was acquired the next year in turn by Oracle Inc.


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e-Chemicals was an online exchange of industrial chemicals. e-Chemicals' business model relied exclusively on the capabilities of several partners. These included IBM for the technology, Yellow Freight for the logistics, and Sun Trust Bank for financial transactions. In addition, the company outsourced all of its staff functions.

e-Chemicals started operations in the summer of 1998. In April 1999, e-Chemicals completed a second round of funding with the Internet Capital Group. In December 2000, e-Chemicals was acquired by Aspen Technology, Inc. of Bedford, Massachusetts.


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Logistics.com was a transportation, logistics and supply chain management optimization software provider. The company founded in January 2000 with $30 million from Internet Capital Group and the acquisition of the logistics assets of The Sabre Group, and later that year acquired QuoteShip.com. Logistics.com provided software for buying, selling and managing transportation services online. It offered three main services: a full online transportation management system (TMS) capability; a range of multimodal transportation procurement services; and a suite of products which allowed carriers to optimize their operations.

In 2003 the company was acquired by Manhattan Associates Inc.