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A SHOT IN THE ARM: How Science, Engineering, and Supply Chains Converged to Vaccinate the World

MIT Professor Yossi Sheffi recounts the vaccine’s world-changing journey from scientific breakthrough, to coronavirus antidote, to mass vaccination. He explores how the mission could transform how the world combats other global-scale challenges. 

Now Available!  "Una Carrera Contra El Tiempo" can be found at most online book retailers. Learn More. 

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Supply Chain Can Teach Us Much About the Future of Professional Education

Labor issues command a lot of attention right now, and notably the challenge of how to find enough talent to meet current and future market demands. Central to this challenge is developing educational models that meet the changing needs of professionals and their employers. The supply chain industry is no exception in this sense. However, in some ways, it also offers a case study of how new, innovative approaches to professional education are emerging, especially models that leverage the advantages of online learning.

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Pandemic Shortages Haven’t Shattered the Case for ‘Just-in-Time’ Supply Chains

The Wall street journal

Professor Yossi Sheffi writes that just-in-time strategy has come under scrutiny in the automotive sector, which has been coping with production disruptions because of parts shortages. Pandemic-related issues such as product shortages have raised questions about the viability of “just-in-time” supply chains and the role lean strategies may play in the strained availability of manufacturing components and consumer goods. 

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