Past Appearances

Feb-11-2014 Supply Chain Management in the Future West Palm Beach, Florida
Jan-10-2014 Logistics Clusters Cambridge, MA
Dec-4-2013 Logistics Clusters as Drivers of Economic Growth Madrid, Spain
Dec-3-2013 Keynote address: Supply chains of the Future
Carreras International Conference, University of Zaragoza
Zaragoza, Spain
Dec-2-2013 to Dec-4-2013 Lectures on Advanced Supply Chain Management Topics Zaragoza, Spain
Nov-29-2013 Logistics Clusters London, United Kingdom
Nov-12-2013 Logistics Trends: What to Watch for and How to Prepare
Wall-Mart Logistics Leadership Offsite
Bentonville, Arkansas
Oct-25-2013 Logistics Clusters and Economic Growth Zaragoza, Spain
Oct-9-2013 Agglomeration and Collaboration of Logistics Operations Minneapolis, MN
Oct-7-2013 Logistics Clusters as a Job Creation Engine Marlborough, MA
Sep-26-2013 Logistics Clusters: Jobs and Economic Growth
Ontario Board of Trade
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sep-12-2013 Vulnerability and resilience of supply chains Zurich, Switzerland
Jun-26-2013 The Role of Intermodal Transportation in Logistics Clusters BNSF Annual Customers Meeting Fort Worth, TX
Jun-20-2013 A Look at New trends in Global Supply Chains Uncasville, CT
Jun-20-2013 The Future of the Less-Than-Truckload Industry Uncasville, CT
Jun-17-2013 National and Regional Logistics Strategies
Panel Discussion
Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands
Jun-17-2013 Logistics Clusters and Economic Development
Distinguished Keynote
Eindhoven University
The Netherlands
Jun-16-2013 Logistics Clusters for the Icelandic Fishing Industry
We have no choice but to create an efficient logistic cluster
Article by Helgi Vífill Júlíusson of Morgunbladid, Iceland. Jun 20, 2013
Reykjavik, Iceland
May-30-2013 Logistics and Supply Chain Management: the Road Ahead Shah Alam, Malaysia
May-8-2013 Economic Impacts of Logistics clusters Dallas, TX
May-7-2013 Logistics Clusters as a Job Creation Engine Buckhead, GA
May-4-2013 Empirical Analysis of the impact of Logistics Clusters on Companies and Employment Denver, CO
Apr-25-2013 Logistics Clusters and Job Creation New York, NY
Apr-4-2013 Logistics Clusters and Investment Opportunities Greenbrier Equity New York, NY
Mar-26-2013 A 60 minute broadcast with Kevin Omarah as the moderator Online