Strategic Planning for Dynamic Supply Chains

Preparing for Uncertainty Using Scenarios

This book presents a strategic decision-making process (i.e., scenario planning) to help managers build supply chain infrastructures that can adapt to uncertain shifts in the business environment. The authors detail the process for developing and applying scenarios for strategic planning in organizations playing three different roles in supply chains. Using three cases in which the process was applied in association with the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics, this primer also explains how companies can monitor their business environments to decide when to take the necessary steps to adapt their supply chain strategies and assets. 

The lessons learned are applicable globally: in first-world free-market economies, emerging countries and poorer nations, as well as the states where the government plays a strong role in the economic activity.

For companies looking to assess the numerous drivers shaping their supply chains and use that information to make living strategic plans, this book will teach you how to build adaptable and agile supply chains. It will explain how to approach long-term investments in your organization.



Imagining the unthinkable! This book is an essential contribution to all supply chain professionals in times of unprecedented events and turbulent markets that challenge every supply chain and demand for higher capabilities by preparing for the unknown.”

— Ralf Busche, Senior Vice President European Site Logistics Operations BASF, Ludwigshafen am Rhein, Germany


Once again, the MIT team from the Center for Transportation and Logistics have broken new ground. The use of scenario planning, whilst widely used elsewhere, has rarely been deployed in the development of supply chain strategies. Now, this timely book provides a valuable guide to help organisations re-shape their supply chains to cope with the challenges of an uncertain future.”

—Martin Christopher, Emeritus Professor of Marketing and Logistics, Cranfield School of Management, UK and author of Logistics & Supply Chain Management


“Scenario planning is conceptually straightforward but can be challenging to implement. This work clearly unfolds, explains and makes accessible what it takes to utilize scenario planning to support strategic decision-making in an uncertain environment.”

—Tony Furst, Former Director, Office of Freight Management & Operations Federal Highway Administration, Washington, DC, USA


“The authors powerfully explain how storytelling, via scenario planning, gives insights in a roaring, uncertain future. Many assume that transportation investments in the US are made from top down, however hundreds of agencies act more like islands than a hierarchy. Here’s a practical path for multiple actors to set priorities.”

—Barbara Ivanov, Former Director Freight Systems Division Washington State Department of Transportation, USA


“Practical and case-based, this innovative book utilizes scenario planning as a method to anticipate changes and challenges in supply-chain infrastructure. Well-written and accessible, the focus is on improving decision making and organizational learning in the face of an unpredictable future.”

—George Wright, Professor of Management Science, University of Strathclyde, UK, author of The Sixth Sense: Accelerating Organizational Learning with Scenarios and Founding Editor in Chief of Futures & Foresight Science




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